Products under development

  • 3-600_bridge_plug_front

    Retrievable Bridge Plug

    The plug can be used when well bore isolation is required and typical applications include zonal isolations, pressure testing, P&A, tree repair or replacement. The plug can be set at any required place in the well without the need for a nipple profile. The plug can be deployed and set by conventional Slickline, E-line, Tubing or Coiled Tubing setting tools.
  • 2_electro_hydraulic_setting_tool_front

    2″ Electro-Hydraulic Setting Tool

    Electro-Hydraulic Setting Tool is used to deploy and set various dowhole tools as Gauge Hangers and Bridge Plugs. Electro-Hydraulic Setting Tool can be run either on e-line or slickline.
  • 1-gauge-hanger-rih

    Cement Basket

    Cement Basket is used to isolate the well bore by placing cement on it. The tool has two dimensions 3-⅜ and 4-½ which can be used in casings from 7-9⅝ to 9⅝-13⅜.