1.378″ i-REX Extra Slim Gauge Hanger

1.378″ i-REX Extra Slim Gauge Hanger

1.378″ i-REX Extra Slim Gauge Hanger

With its only 1.378 inch OD the tool is industry’s smallest Gauge Hanger which provides a reliable suspension of memory gauges in oil and gas wells. No nipple profile required for setting and Gauge Hanger can be set at any place in a well. Installation can be done using any suitable standard setting tool on Slickline, Wireline or E- line. Extra slim tool OD combined with the rigid design and short length allows running Gauge Hanger through the well areas with small ID and achieve high flow rate when the Gauge Hanger is set. No conversion kit required to set i-Rexs Gauge Hanger in all tubing sizes and weights from 2-1/16 to 4-1/2 inch. Tubular body and pocket type anchor design provides excellent protection of the slips when RIH and POOH. Active bidirectional anchor in combination with springs pack gives reliable gripping force between slips and casing walls. Due to its high load capacity i-Rexs Gauge Hanger can be used as an anchor for down-hole tools like inflatable packers, perforation guns, sampling tools and can be set in both cased and open holes. Standard pulling tools is used to retrieve Gauge Hanger from the well.

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