Introducing iREX Gauge Hanger,

one of the shortest lightest in the industry

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Improved technology

Extra short

Up to 30% shorter
compared to competitors

Super light

Up to 50% lighter
compared to competitors

Ultra portable

Ideal for remote locations
onshore and offshore

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Patented design

Protected innovative solutions

Innovative design

Slim OD

Size 1.378″ is one of the smallest Gauge Hangers

Large flow area

Up to 10% increased flow area
compared to competitors

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Wide range of tubing sizes

from 2 1/16″  to 4 1/2″
from 4 1/2″ to 7″
Can be also installed in open hole

Less turbulence

Reduced flow restriction

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High performance

Strong grip

Active bi-directional slips

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High load capacity

Capability to suspend
heavy strings in flow
(up to 6 metric tons)

Rigid body

No “banana” shape after setting
Easy to fish

Self centralizing

Aligned positioning in the tubing

Easy to operate

No conversion kit

No additional parts
Always right setup

Standard fishing

Standard fishing neck sizes

Simple redressing

Few operations
Special tools are not required

Clear manuals

Easy to read instructions

One-click purchase

Request a quote

Transparent prices
Easy to buy

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Low price

We sell or rent
up to 50% below competitors´price
Quantity discounts are available

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Fast delivery

4-6 weeks
(based on the situation
at the time the order is made)